Facing issue when store image to CloudDB

I created an App to store the picture with comments on cloudDB, and I use the base64string to store the picture, however, when I save, often faced the issue, software caused connection abort. It's not occurred every time, sometime I can save successfully, but the issue occurred quite often.
I have tried everything I can, but the issue still there, I have no idea why. Could anyone help?
MyYouthMoment.aia (970.9 KB)

Thank you very much.

Sounds like you have some networking issues....

You may want to resize (reduce dimensions/file size) the image before converting to base64. There are a couple of extensions that you can use to do this:

It is also possible to directly upload an image to cloudDB, but you must use a separate tag just for the image, and a full path to the image (e.g. file://.../.../myimage.jpg)

Thank you very much.
Do you mean the tag for image is "Image"? And for the full path, is the image.picture returns the full path or not?

Thank you very much again.

Something like this

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