[F/OS] 📦 CheckboxUtil - Additional Method For The CheckBox Component!

:computer: Introduction

A non-visible extension that provides additional tools to the built-in CheckBox component. With this extension, you can:

  • set the color of the box of the CheckBox.

  • set the shadow/justification/typeface of the CheckBox.

:package: Package name: com.gordonlu.checkboxutil

:clock6: Version: 1

:date: Release date: 2022-06-01T10:00:00Z

:open_book: Documentation

Method blocks



Checks whether the text of the CheckBox is justified.

Returns: boolean

Parameters: checkBox = component



Sets whether to justify the text of the CheckBox.

Parameters: checkBox = component, justify = boolean



Sets the color of the box of the CheckBox.

Parameters: checkBox = component, color = color



Sets the font typeface of the CheckBox, including whether to bold, italicize, and the font of the TextBox. Use the blocks in the properties of this extension for the font parameter. If useCurrentFont is true, the font parameter will be ignored.

Parameters: checkBox = component, bold = boolean, italic = boolean, font = text, useCurrentFont = boolean



Sets the shadow of the text of the CheckBox.

Parameters: checkBox = component, radius = number (float), dx = number (float), dy = number (float), color = color

Property blocks

Some helper blocks for fonts.





:inbox_tray: Downloads

com.gordonlu.checkboxutil.aix (8.6 KB)

CheckBoxUtil.txt (4.8 KB)

Made with Niotron IDE.

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Gordon Lu

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Good job brother !

Didn't take much time to reply though this time. You know why. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for your efforts if you can We need Radio button extension

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Hi, good job for the extension,

Can you add to the extension the fact that you can do rounded edges and change the colors of the check box, ticks, and set the border-with of the box please?

As for the rest, maybe this week (if I have enough time).