Extension Suggestion: Switch on Bluetooth and Location

Ok sir, I will try all the possible methods of Bluetooth Adapter Class

That's the missing link :hedgehog:

Hello its been a year+ since the last post and i was wondering if there has been made an extension that could turn on the location without user interaction.. I use hc-05 modules and if i turn on only the bluetooth without the location, it cant detect it...

ps Does anyone know why you have to enable both of them in order to detect Hc-05 modules? Because wireless headphones for example work without having the location enabled.


Unfortunately this is not possible anymore... Google restricts the Android system more an more. ..


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Thank you very much for your reply! Do you know how the bluetooth assosiates with the gps of the phone?
I mean why you have to enable the location so it can discover devices?

essa extensão é muito boa e simples de usar, parabens.

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