Experiments with Logging DateTimes to Google Sheets

:astonished: If it is 12:00 utc it means that the local time is + or - a number, usually an integer in arrears or ahead of the local time. All anyone needs is to know that UTC is what is posted to determine what is being talked about. UTC is a time standard that forms the base of time zones worldwide and is not used as a time zone in any country. Time zones are defined by their offsets from UTC.

UTC now (16:17 CST) is 22:17 GMT (London is 6 hours ahead of Dallas. or it is now 17:17 EST in Boston, and London is 5 hours ahead).It is 06:17 in Hong Kong (but be careful, it is already Wednesday morning but is still 22:17 in London and it is dark and still Tuesday!

In any case, please do not use AOE

mentioned as the Appathon time deadline. AOE is ambiguous and not a generally recognized time zone. :cry:

Yes, it is, but maybe it is there, to give a chance to an Appathon Participant to submit there project work, who is belonging to time zone represents the last place on Earth - Howland Island.

OR providing something-more/extra time to :sleeping:

I have another small experiment, requiring viewers from across the globe, to tell me if and how Google presents datetime values to people in different time zones.

Please go to this URL to view the 'Testing' sheet at this URL:

Take a screen shot including row 1 columns D and E (at least), and post it here.

I am hoping to see if Google adjusts its datetime values and formats to local time.

UK, GMT, 15:58 - 09/11/2022

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Thank you.

So my answer is that Google shows the datetime according to the format of the cell, and according to the sheet's settings of time zone, regardless of the time zone of the viewer.

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