Exception java.lang.RuntimeException:

exception java.lang.RuntimeException: com.google.appengine.tools.cloudstorage.SimpleGcsInputChannelImpl$1@4a503896: Unexpected cause of ExecutionException

A guess is 28 sound components could be your Problem. 28 may be more than the compiler can handle.

You only need ONE sound or player component to do what you are trying to do. :cry:

No, it's not because I've already published this application in the play store this way, I tried to get the latest ad, it gave errors like this from admob.

you had the same issue already in January, see here

how did you solve it back then?

It's been a year already because of this, I can't update it, I couldn't solve it.

You forgot to tell us, which admob solution you are using...
What about asking the extension developer of that solution you are using?
Or just remove the ads... who likes ads anyway?


I removed all of them in admob and still getting these errors I got them from here skd [Free] Admob Extension - Add different types of AdMob ads in your application