Esp32 cam webcam app shows a header files are too long to interprep error

I am trying to make an app using mit app inventor that just shows the webpage of the esp32 cam for a dashcam project (I will add other features later). I was using the webviwer component to see the site of the esp32 cam, but when runnign the app, even tho when I open the same link in chrome it works, I get the header files are too long to interpret error. I tried changing the HTTPD_MAX_REQ_HDR_LEN variable in the SDKconfig file, but the error is still there. Please help!

I am using the arduino ide to program the esp32 cam.

See my post here about why this happens. You will need to update your ESP to allow for a larger buffer for headers.

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Hello dodogames89

This should help too:

Note also that not all ESP32 cam cards are the same - some have much larger memory, which can lend better performance.

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I have already trues to update the HTTPD_MAX_REQ_HDR_LEN variable in the SDKconfig file, but it did not help. Maybe there is another way to do it.

Thank you for the suggestion! Will this work without internet. I am setting the esp32 cam as an acces point, so the phone wont have internet, but this method saves the image to google drive. Maybe there is something I dont understand.
Thank you!

You would need internet access to save to Google Drive, but if you don't want to save to Google anything, then that's not a problem, right?

I need the project to not need internet, can the code be modified so that the internet is not necesary.
Thank you!

In that case, you need a change of hardware, to work with Bluetooth. Usually a dash cam can have it's recording downloaded to a phone via Bluetooth, or by removal of it's SD card for storage/playback on a PC.

So that is a different Topic! :upside_down_face:

It is possible to download via your home WiFi - is that so bad?

I think it is possible to use your phone as a dash cam of sorts, but it probably would not be as good as a dedicated device.

Thank you for the respone. I know the esp32 cam supports bluethooth, but is it fast enought to show live video on a website or on a phone app? I am new to this, so any help is apreciated.

Bluetooth would only be used to download a recording, it can't send a live stream to a website - to stream to a website, you need an internet connection. Some modern cars do have the ability to connect to the internet, so it's possible you could build hardware to do that. Possibly an expensive option though.

Bluetooth can send a stream to your phone, but it would necessarily need to be in the car too as Bluetooth range is limited.

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Please try with my code. You can use the webviwer component to show the main page with live streaming.