Error using APK

@Kleyber_Derick "Using the Companion, it works fine."

Companion declares ACCESS_WIFI_STATE but the compiled app (APK) does not.

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Kodular does.

Good to see you again @Anke. If you remember, I was one of Moderators in Kodular forum (it was some years ago).

Thank you!

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Of course, I have a pretty good memory - at least for important things. :wink:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: That's very good.

Well I'm back but now with App Inventor and of course I don't have a memory like yours... because of it I am facing this kind of problem.

Declare this permission
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE"/>
after decompiling it in the Manifest, recompiled it and the APK should work.

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Great, @Anke . Just a question: If I make any change in my project and generate APK again, the manifest file will not be changed too?

You need to do this at the end (after all changes have been made).

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Ahhh ok. Noted. Thank you!!!

Try this
WifiState.aix (3.7 KB)

It declares this permission in the Manifest.

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Great, @Anke . I'll test it right now and tell you my results.

Thanks again,

@Anke, do you have an example about how to use it?

You just have to drag the extension into the screen.
Did you get the same error?

So I don't have to use any of the blocks?


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Fantastic!!! Thank you!!! I will test the APK right now and tell you my results.

Oh, I just see that there is an event. (My mistake, but that doesn't matter. I was a little careless.)

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I have now removed the blocks and adjusted the extension. See above.


@Anke it worked perfectly!! Thank you once again!!


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