Error Play Console

Hello everyone,
I made a change to my app; but the moment I want to update it on the Play Store; i get this error :thinking:

Hello Nicola

You might get a better response if you use Google Translate - English on that page and then screenshot it.

@Anke in my "Medicine cabinet" app; I used the paid extension "TaifunAlarmManager". So right now I'm asking @Taifun to update the extension and email it to me.

if you had taken a look at my webpage App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps you would have noticed, that the extension already is updated, you only have to download it from the download folder



Hello @Taifun, I honestly didn't see the update on your webpage; I will download immediately..thank you.


It is a paid extension. So you need to wait until @Taifun send it to you via Mail / PM.

Everyone who bought one of my extensions gets access to a download folder... from that folder the latest version can be downloaded without waiting...


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Good to know.