Error en lista desplegable, con ingreso de la opción seleccionada en una etiqueta

Tengo una lista desplegable. Quiero que una vez que selecciono un ítem de esa lista, se pegue en una etiqueta de texto. Lo configure de los siguiente manera pero la etiqueta queda vacía

. MB


Which list component are you using?

Other ?

See post below

We can see that a "Spinner" drop-down list type is being used. What we can't see is how the List is populated - we need to see all of the blocks related to the Spinner.

I am using Spinner

Thank´s Chris.
Fill the list from the Sppiner designer


The Blocks image is not clear enough (right-mouse click in the work area and choose "download Blocks as image".

Also, if you can temporarily select English for the project, more of us will be able to understand your code and hopefully spot the cause of your issue.


I attach the image in English


OK, testing here, get back to you asap.

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Right then.

You only see the issue @ Spinner1, List of Hospitals. That's because there isn't a list, only one item exists so a selection cannot be made. Either add another hospital, list the same hospital twice or use another word such as "none", then all will be fine.


  1. There is absolutely no point in having a seperate button to make a drop down list drop down!
  2. A list of many items such as List 4 should be a Blocks list: