Error 1101: Unable to get a response with the specified url error

Hello, I get this error while sending data to mysql database when using 00webhost as a web server
I also try other free hostings like infinity free, I did not encounter this error 1101 but the problem is there is no saved data to mysql database.
btw here is the block of creating the URL and the php code i use to insert data into the mysql database

Please try using the MYSQL Deephost extension. You don't need to use many php commands.

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To download Deep Host extensions, you have to download an app, and he does not answer support questions. Deep Host extensions are untrusted since:

  • they are buggy. No support, rarely answers.

  • overcomplicates things. You have to download an app to download extensions.

  • do not follow naming conventions.

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Sorry. If you think like that, please, if you use it or not, it's up to you. I'm just suggesting.

You can, use Deep Host extensions, but better avoid them.

Here are some alternatives.




Welcome Nick.

You might use the advice in this tutorial MySQLi. PHP. GET. POST. Insert. Update. Delete. Segur SQL Inject . The advice might help you avoid the error.


Thank you.

thank you everyone! I solved my problem, thanks for the knowledge. sorry for the late late reply I forgot hehe.

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