Error 1002&1003 Set canvas Hight/Width to image size


I've made an app that lets you take a picture and save it with a given name or a name based on a few inputs.

That all works fine I do this with the "Save canvas file name" block.
problem I ran into is that the canvas size is not the same ratio as the pictures are so they get destorted.

I've now added the blocks that tell the canvas to use the hieght and width of the image.
This works the preview is good and the saved file is good, but it gives 2 error's.
Error 1002 and 1003 Telling me that " Canvas Height(width) cannot be set tot non-positive number"

I could hide the error but I'd mutch rather get rid of it what am I missing here I start of with the canvas size being automatic in Height and Width and an image that is not visible and has Height/width set to fill parent.

Any help would be appreciated

See here:

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