Edit blocks color for black and white print

How we can edit blocks (fit: white and text: black) for monochrome printing.
For example, using AI2 offline (editing JS, CSS files...) ...
as discussed here


Do you mean like this - for example? :

Simple enough to export your blocks to an image, open in an image editing program, and adjust colour

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If all you want is monochrome printing, check your desktop computer's printer settings. I have seen grey printing options in my Epson and Samsung printer drivers.


So do you have ai2 sources on your device where you have to make or something like above answerS?

I mean this kind (as in another editor: makecode....)

can we edit directly in the offline solution installed in our Windows system?

We want to have solution without grey background => editing the design of blocks

I'm not sure that there is an easy way to do this in the App Inventor sources right now. We are planning an update to the latest version of Blockly, which supports themes, and my guess is that they are using a theme to accomplish the black and white drawing.


I came to this solution



thx dr ayman but please how to return to my coloured blocs because all my programs became black and white.i think i have to copy and paste the original code (coloured blocs)
help please

hi please i paste a code in blockly.css file to get a code black and white of my appinventor program to print it but the problem that all my programs become black and white and i don't know how to return to coloured program
help please
thx in advance
yours trully

are you using an offline version?
have you modified the css file? download a new one from github and replace the modified one.

and this post may help:

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Supress the code .. refresh
close and reopen

offline version

thx all is good just i close my browser and reopen it.
yes i tested the online server
thx dr ayman i ´m so happy to contact you

yours trully

with pleasure

Link update
Black & white printing with AppInventor