🟦 Dynamic Table

My goal is a csv editor, I would edit also the first row, can you suggest what I have to change?

You will need to add the values for each header to the updatedData list - at the top. I believe that is all that is required.

I'm sorry, but I don't understand, can you show me the blocks I have to change ?

Try this:


It is a quick fix, I have added an updateHrs procedure (which you will find at the bottom of all the blocks) to the Got Focus and Lost Focus events.

Note that the headers textboxes are not multi-line, if set to multi-line they are not included in the height resizing routine, so you would need to "add rows" to all the header textboxes to get the same height on return.

Thanks, your procedure updateHdrs runs well on my project (I have a button for saving) but your aia can not save.

Thanks for testing. The not using updates on restart is odd, I am looking into that.

Believe I have it fixed. remove the updateHdrs procedure from the GotFocus event.


DynamicTableV3CC2.aia (30.2 KB)

Thanks for your help, this is my csveditor, but it is very slow
CSVEDITOR.aia (36.6 KB)
Using Tableview Extension is much faster