Dynamic Components & CustomWebView help

I'm wondering if it is possible to create a CustomWebView (CustomWebView.aix) within a Dynamic component (DynamicComponent.aix).

I have successfully used each but having problems embeding the CustomWebView within a Dynamic Frame.

CustomWebView is already dynamic. There is no need to use DynamicComponents extension along with it.

Thanks for the response.

My app uses dynamic components to create a horizontal scrollable arrangement consisting of multiple elements. I'm updating it to work with the latest Android.

One of these elements used to be an image element that I'm changing to web viewer that points to html code, thus the need to use custom web viewer.

Up to 10 scrollable rows with each having a graph (350wx250h), web viewer (350wx250h), and two buttons.

So, if I can not use the Custom web viewer, any other suggestions.

Perhaps you missed this

You can create CustomWebView dynamically in any arrangement.
First CreateWebView with unique id in the arrangement you want then SetWebView to this id and load html. Repeat same for other arrangements.
Why not look at the extension topic? You can find a lot of examples.

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