Dx execution failed while using the simple notification extension

I have a problem when I want to build my .apk file it gives me an error:


If someone can help me to download my application in .apk.

Thank u !

Projet_Solo_2.aia (1.9 MB)

Remove the SimpleNotification extension. For me it worked.
This extension is deprecated. Does not work on newer androids. And it seems to be blocking compilation.
I think if it causes compilation errors, the link to the extension should be removed. @Taifun

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Perfect Thx !

I now tried to build the example project and it built without any errors...
from my point of view therefore there is no need to remove the download link

from the documentation App Inventor Extensions: Notification | Pura Vida Apps

This is a simple notification extension and currently only runs on older Android versions, i.e. < Android 8. Therefore my recommendation is to use one of the other available notification extensions, see also here.

You also might be interested in my new Alarm Manager Extension with Notifications, which still works also if your app is not running.


after looking at the example project you were using Version 3 of the simple notificaiton extension... the latest version however is Version 3a as of Apr 14, 2017... so the reason of the error was using the outdated version of the extension...


Agree, updated the extension to the latest version and the project is now building OK.

Oh yeah, I didn't pay attention to the versions. Only that the extension is withdrawn, so I combined the facts with the lack of apk construction.

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