DrawerMenu : Create custom drawer / sidebar

This is a simple extension to create custom sidebar or drawer in your app.


Simply design any layout in arrangement and create sidebar with it.



In drawerMenuLayout you can just pass you desirable layout ( either vertical or horizontal arrangement)
In widthFloat give value between (0 to 1) ie. 0.7 means 70% of screen width

Download extension :
com.xtiger.drawermenu.aix (22.2 KB) Left Side
com.xtiger.drawermenu.aix (22.2 KB) Right Side

If you have any suggestions feel free to share.


Useful extension

the side menu with the ability to set the layout is definitely ready in Kodular. maybe it is not in the APP Invertor?

if there is a left layout (left menu), then the right menu is also requested

Hello @White_Tiger . I want to ask you. Do you know if there is a way to make a Drawer for a palette of sprites?.

I tell you the purpose of that.
I think with a palette of sprites (drag and drop sprites from a palette of signs, we can make an app for cartography), Rudimentary but useful as Sketches.
I am Geologist. And i need to draw in the field. We all have a phones now, and we take them with us all the time.
So, i was thinking in making a (drawing app) for make map sketches in the field. but with pre - designed signs, so i can drag and drop from a palette and drop into the canvas.
The palette, could be like a drawer. That's the idea, and with this, we have a lot more space in the canvas. (a hide and show drawer, could be REALLY VERY USEFUL FOR THAT).

Could be like the use of any graphical app, we have.

Well. Instead the tools in the photoshop, i want to add sprites of (hills, valleys, trees, routes, train symbols, etc), so the user, only find the symbol and drop into the canvas. That's the idea.

... This could be made?

You could use a dynamic components extension for this. Have a toolbar with all the images you want for your signs, that when one of the signs is pressed a new imageSprite with that sign is created on the canvas. This could then be dragged into place. I do not believe it is possible to drag items from outside a canvas onto the same canvas (but always happy to be proved wrong on this one).


Well your request has been fulfilled ,download right side drawer from the top of the post.

Create design in arrangement and add that to canvas on click event , for animation effect you can use my animatepro extension.

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Extra customizable options added, interested can test it.

com.xtiger.drawermenu.aix (24.9 KB)