Document viewing help

so my webviewer just doesnt liike me?? man
does it matter what version of android im using or what my phones hardware is? cuz so far ive only ever tested on the same phone

No, it looks like your google drive doesn't like you :wink:

Try downloading the file, as docx, then uploading it again?

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im 90% sure its my webviewer because it never worked with any other link, i genuinely dont know its limits of browsing the web right now because it never worked with any link i tried (,, etc..)

can you please tell me what links should work and try that?

Try this link in your webviewer:

Same DOCX file on my Google Drive

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the webviewer is as empty as the background it sits on :confused:

oh and uh


NEVERMIND appearently my webviewer DOES work it just doesnt like working for specific links, for example when trying it doesnt work but when trying (i was frustrated with it lol) it totally works... i donnt know at this point

okay so i deleted my webviewer, created a new screen for better testing, created a webviewer there and added code to make it open links, it now works totally fine with zero problems at all, i am at a loss and i surely hope it works if i remake a webviewer on my intended screen.

it worked, i dont know how or why this happened but i guess this is a possible fix now
faulty webviewer? delete it and get a new one!

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