Display ESP32 serial data through the app but not need html/webserver


Would it be possible to display serial data from ESP32 through an app without adding HTML data in the Arduino code and beside webserver? Most tutorial I have seen requires html code in the Arduino code or that it's a webserver that you have to access through the browser instead of an Android app. Is this the norm using browser and not app? or we just using the app as a kind of a host of sorts where we put the webserver in instead of the browser.

Any good response to enlighten my confusion is appreciated.

You dont need browser to access the webserver. You can do it via an app. And you dont need HTML code to run a webserver if you dont want to access via browser. The server simply just respond to the web requests (GET/POST.)

Dear @roamingal,
in addition to what @Usane has already said, you can take a look to this post

In my answer there (#13) I've annexed some code (AI2 and .ino) plus some explanation. Probably is a bit more complex than what you need, but the principle I've adopted to develop that code was effectively to use only the capabilities of the 8266 (same as ESP32, as far as the WiFi is concerned) and an Android device, without the use of browsers or WiFi home routers.
Hoping it can help.

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This works for me. Thank you!

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