Discord for developers

after a long time thinking, I have thought about creating a kind of community (in discord) with application developers (app inventor and other platforms) so they can exchange ideas...
The discord is: https://discord.gg/CTEH24Q9

I think it could help inspire a lot of developers.
If you want, you can join us and share the things you do.

What is the official language?

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English (and in some parts there is a translation in Spanish)

Ok, I will consider joining once there are more members.

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Thanks @deanart2012

What would be the benefit for a user to join? Why not just use the community to ask questions, share ideas, etc.

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No offence, but this post seems like a promotion to me.

And why your server has only 9 members?

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The difference between the community and the server is that in this community there is, in the most part, app inventor developers, and in the discord there are people who also know about other areas.
For example, if you want to do a login page, you can see examples of login pages in the discord.
Or if you want know if there is any service that allows you to shorten links, you can ask in the discord.

Currently there are few people, but the plan is that they leave adding more


Hello, this post aims to give you another tool where you can ask.
This server started yesterday, and that's why there are only 9 people.
If you join, there will be 10 people and the plan is for more people to join in order to get a community


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there already is a community for this, which has more than 600.000 users...

good luck!



This doesn’t seem to have an area where people can share ideas.

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Hmmm what is the category we are in?


I was referring to the Stack Overflow link Taifun provided.

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You wanted somewhere to discuss ideas.....


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At this site: Discord for developers
the link [ Discord ] found has expired..

Welcome. There is no need to join this discord server just use this community. If you want to talk other areas use stackoverflow like taifun suggested.