Dictionaries not working on occasion

I just found an extrange issue (a Runtime Error) when reading a file from assets (with double slashes //) in Android 4.2.2.
It works fine with the companion, and also compiled in another mobiles with Android 4.4.4 and Android 8, but not when compiled in Android 4.2.2.
Both Screen1 and File1 defaultFileScope properties are set to App.
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That is the file:

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A guess is 4.2.2 can't handle the tilde in Espanol. Try the csv without the tilde.

But there must be something else.
I removed from the file the "ñ" (and also the "/", just in case), but I still have the Runtime Error

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Show us what you do with the file text once it arrives from the File, and the exact error message.

I believe the error happens when requesting to read, because I set up a label on top of the screen to track the events and it seems not to read anything.

Please see attached the project and a screenshot:

RunTimeErrorInicialLight.aia (35.0 KB)

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The label shows "sin datos", but never gets to show "Archivo leido".

Checked on Android 4.3. Works fine.