Deploying a Database using TinyWebDB

I need to host a very small database online and have an app on a phone access it (Create records, add data, search for data. e.t.c. )
I viewed this video tutorial on YouTube which explained how to use TinyWebDB with App Inventor.

But here is the problem.The video starts by signing up for Google App Engine. That is now called Google Cloud Services and when I attempt to register for it the site ask for a credit card.!!! The sign up says that your card will not be changed outside the the “trial period” unless I specifically ask for the change. But then why ask for the credit card at the sign up screen anyway?
Is this not a free service anylonger? There is not going to be very much traffic to the database that I am making.

Perhaps AsteroidDB is more suitable for your needs:

or you could roll your own:

I am unfamiliar with TinyWebDB.

What I can say is that Google says this about Cloud Services.


It tells you why they ask for a credit card.

As to your other questions; I don’t know.


That is the exact page that I was referring to. I hesitate whenever I am asked to put in a credit card online. And what I intend to do will not have that many users or that much traffic.

So do not. Use one of the alternatives to the TinyWebDB mentioned by Tim if you are uncomfortable providing credit information. Take this up with Google, it is Google who says they require users to do this, not MIT.

I assumed that it was not MIT. I was just checking with other user to see if I was interpreting what I read in that page wrongly.

Thanks TIMAI2 I will give it a look. I like open sourced solutions.

Same question here. How can I use the Google app engine to create custom TinyWebDB service?

Watch the video....

Also see FAQ Section: TinyWebDB