Delete single row GSheet

which means, there is an error in your csv table, see also this thread


If you want a full CRUDQ (create,read,update,delete,query) with a google sheet, see here:

CRUD with Google Sheets, Web App and AI2

Why the script can't work? The error is CSV file.
I downloaded the aia file and the script. I replace the new script link into "globalscriptURL" but I can't find where to paste the paste link of the spreadsheet.

With that version the script automatically uses the first sheet in the spreadsheet.

If you want to name the sheet then you need to change every instance of:

var sh = ss.getSheets()[0];


var sh = ss.getSheetByName(e.parameter.SH);

remembering to republish your web app to a new version

and send a parameter &SH=Sheetname from your app (Sheetname being what ever the name of your sheet is, e.g. Sheet1)

Alternatively, you may want to look at:


ok, but where I paste the link of spreadsheet? (ex.: "")

Also in that version, the script is bound to the spreadsheet. This means that a different script call can be used to get the spreadsheet:

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();

you will need to change this to:

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById(e.parameter.ID);

and send the spreadsheet ID as a parameter from the app


Again this is handled by the two scripts found in the links I provided

Sorry, I try to use che CRUDQ II but i have this error:

I have replace the ID table and the link of script.
The issue is character "space" when I create or Update function.

The important bit of the html message is at the bottom!

You say

The issue is character "space" when I create or Update function.

Please explain what you are doing and show screenshots etc.. The script should accept fields with spaces, it certainly works for me.

if I try with the companion screen through my telephone it work but if I try with the emulator doesn't work.

Where I replace the name of columns into the script or the webapp?
I want to add and replace the field name.

You would do this in the spreadsheet

If you read the accompanying text, you will have noted that CRUDQII is setup for 10 fields (columns) only

Thanks for the help, I modified your block for my use and the system work fine.

I want to implement another function: Is it possible to perform mathematical operations between some numbers on different row?

If you placed the answer there it would make a mess of your would add another row with just that data, that wouldn't correspond to the other records.

Can you store this on another sheet ?
Can you store this in the app ?

Yes, I can create another spreadsheet for only math operation with the same number of row. In this case function update recall row text into the spreadsheet posted up before. Is correct? How it made?
In case how can store in app?

I am sorry I do not understand what you want to do. Please explain with more words and pictures.

I am still not really sure why you want to add cells in a column?

(You do not have to use another spreadsheet, just add another sheet/grid to the same spreadsheet)

When I crate new record or update record, the red data field do any math operation. For example: I create record -> the data field J16 and K16 do -> I16/(B16-B15)

do you have any ideas or solutions? I am now firm with the project.

There are several different ways to do what you want:

add a script to the spreadsheet to set the formula
add a script to the web app to set the formula

but ask yourself these questions:

What happens (on the sheet and in my app) when I add another row of data?
What will my dataset look like then (on the sheet and in my app)?
What am, I going to do with the calculated value?

You might consider having another column that does this calculation so it becomes a part of a record. You could use an arrayFormula on the sheet to automate this.

This sheet is used to calculate how much "Alex" (e.g. cell J16) and "Iolanda" (e.g. cell K16) must pay considering the total of the invoice.
This record has two stages:

  • creation: takes place without entering the amount of the bill (the amount of the bill is communicated to me only after having imported the consumption to my water supplier)
  • the update: occurs when the supplier tells me the amount I have to pay

While updating the record I need the formula to calculate when I have to pay, the record I will then read with the READ function.

PS.: The formula must do mathematical operations with the previous record and the created record. This has to happen every time I create a new record