Delete item double item in list

There is a method do delete a item double in a list?
As: [“Wine, Flour, Apples, Rosmary, Apple, Sugar, Wine”]
To: [“Wine, Flour, Apples, Rosmary, Sugar”]

Thank You in advance

Check this snippet :point_down: by @Taifun

How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates?


You can also use the RemoveDuplicates ListUtils extension


Here’s a draggable value procedure you can use …


Hi Carlo,

Here is the link that helps you in general about treating list items. Remove duplicates, sort the list etc. You can use this extension to save time and extra blocks and works.

The link I posted as ListUtils extension and the link you posted in above reply is the same I guess

Perfect, and work well! Thank You ABG.

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