Delay function is not working

Hello, i got problem with delay, I tried different ways but none of them work. Please help

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You have to understand the concept of asynchronous processing
See also


Hello, thanks for feedback again Taifun. I read that, but im too bad at programming so i didnt understand this posts :c. I used ur wait method btw

Use a Clock Timer.

Start the Clock at the place where you called that wait procedure.

Move the code you had under the (now deleted) wait procedure call to the Clock1.Timer event.

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Screenshot 2024-01-07 162744
Put these blocks inside your Clock1.Timer event block instead. Then execution continues from there.

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Hello, thanks ScottFromScott. I'll try it

Hello ABG, thank you. I'll try it

Hi, its not working:c

Export the .aia and post it here.

Study9.aia (16.1 KB)

Hi, its not working too :slightly_frowning_face:

You realize this is replacing the same target list 4 times, right?


You totally missed the point of the Clock Timer.

You're supposed to do work in the Clock Timer.

This is what you created:

Hello ABG, oh, i forgot about that block, its useless :sweat_smile:

I dont get it, can u explain? I tried to make it true, but its not working too

Study the clock in this sample.

Also see

for a deadline based delay approach for multiple deadlines.