Database for remote change of content in the app possible?

I am a newbie. Hi! :slight_smile:

I am trying to make an app with questions for the user. I would like to be able to add more questions on remote. If he downloads the.apk now, the questions I made in the blocks are the only one.
So if it could be connected to an online database, I can remove, renew and add questions.

Am I thinking right? Or is there another solution?
What database should I use? Also, this is new for me.


Which database ? Depends on your requirements/capability/access...

Look in the FAQ for databases and downloading files options

I have a laptop with plenty of room.
Don’t have much time, so hope the Database FAQ is not much to read.
If it works with Excell, you may say so and it’s an excellent answer. It doesn’t matter to me.
Can’t find the Database FAQ. Or isn’t it on this site?

Search the FAQ/Forum for:

CloudDB, Firebase, TinyDB, TinyWebDB, SQLite, Google Sheets, csv (the closest you will get to Excel), MySQL

TinywebDB talks about testing. It is not only for testing right?

Yes. You will need your own server to set up a custom tinywebdb for production. There are other options - see AsteroidDB or check/search the forum for other tinywebdb alternatives.

I found something with Python, which is already on my laptop. I will focus on that solution.
There is to much information and I don’t have a clue what everything is doing (nor time) so this seems right.

Thank you