Data Security - files only available for my App

Oh, I have missed one slash, will test it properly.

Same result, no images were displayed.

Download to the ASD and move it to the PrivateDir using my DownloadToASD extension and the File component or use the Fetch extension (search in @Taifun 's extension list).

The correct full path however is


and not



Try this:

or this:

In the second case set DefaultFileScope = Private.

Try this (for the compiled app / APK):

Tested on Android 13.

Anke, wIll Google approve that in case the app will be uploaded to the App Store?, I think I read something related to that in this forum.


Where? I don't think so.

Thanks, it worked!.

both pictures are shown.

Thanks Anke, this worked!.

Please forgive me, I got confused with the SAF extension.

Post the full path.

Where does this image come from?

This one: file:///data/user/0/appinventor.ai_MyUser.AppName/files/logo.png

Ok, but...

Web_Datos component downloads it in the block above.

Why?, you are making me doubt :smile:


I ask because you hard-coded the path.

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