Hi everyone,
I've just discovered this new module about Machine Learning for Data Scientist! Check this out: Data Science

Why there are no ufficial informations around about this news?

Hello Paolo,

This is official news. What you pointed to was the official MIT App Inventor documentation.

You probably turned off the App Inventor splash screen Paolo by Checking Do Not Show Again. The Screen is where App Inventor announces updates to it and other announcements. If you check the circled red box, you don't get announcements.

See the link to the new tools with nb194.

  • New data science component category with anomaly detection and regression calculators Then you have to use the new tool and use the Help>Documents>Data Science.

You are right! It's correct to have the announcement on the splash screen, however even searching in Google doesn't seem to have indexed the wonderful news yet. Thanks for the replies.

Something else you might enjoy Visualizing and Analyzing Data :wink:

I read the article but I didn't see an exhaustive example of the use of the module, especially for its alleged predictive capabilities? Anyone care to show me what they could do with a dataset which classifies any two categories using linear regression? Thank you

I played with it in the testing phase.

It was underwhelming.