CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

try this solution I am making a browser (help) - #4 by TIMAI2

I do it i add horizontal view load a html and it crash (my app just close)

blocks (4)
This is not working. App is getting closed/crashed as soon as it is opened before loading. Help me.

Its happening with me too

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Are these all your blocks?
How did you initialze the custom webviewer?
Read some of the previous contributions in this thread to find out what needs to be done


@S.V_Arul_Shiju @Gergo_Toth
This example might help you both


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Thankyou. il try it.

I tried to mimic the same. But, I can't find all the blocks shown in the image. I shall share both the images here.

  1. Correct Image that you told to follow:

  2. My attempt:
    blocks (5)

I managed to find all other blocks except 'VerticalArrangement1. Where can I find it. Guide me. Thanks.

There is no such block. So, what can I do?

I wonder have you ever worked with layouts/arrangements. :thinking:
You have been here for 1 year, that's so strange.


Okay. So, I shall create layout first. Thankyou.We can open url using webview without Layouts. So, I failed to assume about Layout in this case. Okay, Thankyou for your support. I am opening mit after a long time. That also may be a reason for not guessing the right thing. Okay, let me work/try. Thankyou.

Okay it worked now when I created a layout (Vertical Arrangement.) as you told. So, let me try the same in my real project. Thankyou.

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Salve a tutti, scusate ho un problema, perché se apro una pagina web dentro l'app poi se clicco su il download dei file esistenti in quella pagina non me lo scarica? Grazie mille

Read the complete thread to find examples about how to correctly download files...

Also what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?


Grazie mille, io in sostanza ho solo impostato la customwebview e inserito l URL del sito, dovrei leggermi qualcosa su come impostare il download?

Il sito è un sito pubblico dove postano documenti di libero dominio, in formato PDF.