CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

can u give me a tips ?
i just need it now :frowning:

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It'll need some changes in the source.
I have added them but there's still something left to deal with.
Have patience.

ok thanks

Also asking here:

i just finding a solution.

Alright, this works.

Here I replace spaces with empty text.

com.sunny.CustomWebView.aix (199.9 KB)

You can download IntentStarter from here


Show your blocks.

Why did you put FileAccess property under FileUploadedNeeded event?

i just try it but it wont work any of it

do it need action ?

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Yes. Please set it to android.intent.action.GET_CONTENT

Can i use multiple custom web viewer (say 100) at a time in a single screen with same url?

Yes, you can, if you are aware of CustomWebView working mechanism.

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How can I get the URL when the OnNewWindowRequest is called? There is no url parameter.


Did you search? Or read the topic?

This will not work; I just need the URL.

I want to use an online radar with alert overlay displayed in the CustomWebView, and when a user clicks on the alert details, the OnNewWindowRequest is called. In the URL it is to open is the id of that alert, and by using various text manipulation blocks, I need to retrieve the ID and pass it as a start value to a new screen.

You can use the method I used in earlier versions of extension.
When new window is requested, create an invisible webview and load request in it. Now as soon as page is loaded completely in this invisible webview, get the url and remove it.

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