CRUDQII - want data from List Picker

I found CRUDQII very useful and create one App. but i want in add menu some field as List picker. so rather then all text input i want some List picker and some date picker as a data input. can anybody help me with this. till now my block was same as CRUDQII.

You need to show your relevant blocks and an example of what you mean and want to happen...are you hoping to filter the data that is returned ?

You may also find this approach more flexible for your needs....

thnx for your reply. i follow this step and exactly want this app but in create tab we have 10 text input but i want some List picker and some date picker as input. if you help me with guidance. it will very help full.

I am sorry, I do not understand what it is you want to do. You need to show blocks or screenshots and an example of what you are trying to achieve.

here create option give 10 text input field to save data to google sheet. i want some List picker and some date picker as input
CRUDQII (1).aia (13.8 KB)
here is file

Not possible to read your blocks.

In the blocks editor, right click on some white space and select Download blocks as image. Upload that image here.

OK, they look like the CRUDQII blocks.

Now what is it you want to do that is different ?

You say: "i want some List picker and some date picker as input"

If you want to provide lists in order to update a specific field, the you need to call these when you make a selection and return the selected value.

thnx for your reply. but i dont have idea how to do it. in which block i return value.

i added listpicker in place of textbox1 and add block as shown in image.

Search this board for Marathon for a block only sample.

Can u guide me for next step