Creating SMS Gateway (Relay) with AI2 Possible?


I remember that till some versions ago, running an App inventor application in the background was not possible. Now I see that in texting element, SMS receiving can be done for the AI app even if the app is not running. So if AI app can receive the SMS and process it, can we make an SMS gateway (relay) server with AI, which would receive SMS on the mobile phone through SIM cars and pass it onto an online server over internet via a web service?


Running an App inventor application in the background is still not possible.

Perhaps. This thread indicates there are issues The application has stopped receiving text messages in the background.

An old tutorial called Broadcast Hub describes an app similar to what you expect to build. That tutorial is out of date . This discussion indicates what you might be able to do Broadcast hub (solved) to get Broadcast Hub to work.

Can you "pass it onto an online server over internet via a web service?" -- experiment and you can tell us. I do not know. What is possible depends on your coding skills and how your cell phone service supplier ques Text messages. Option 3 may or may not work for you.


Hi Steve,

I am a bit confused here. The HELP in TEXTING ELEMENT says this:

An app that includes this component will receive messages even when it is in the background (i.e. when it’s not visible on the screen) and, moreso, **even if the app is not running, so long as it’s installed on the phone**. If the phone receives a text message when the app is not in the foreground, the phone will show a notification in the notification bar. Selecting the notification will bring up the app. As an app developer, you’ll probably want to give your users the ability to control ReceivingEnabled so that they can make the phone ignore text messages.

Seeking your help to clarifying the confusion here.


It is confusing. What the advice says does not seem to work, at least for some users.
The smart thing to do is to build an app. Try the app and see what happens. :slight_smile: Perhaps the app will work. “Clarification” is in the two links already provided. Did you read the links? That is all the clarification you should need.

If you do not experiment, you will never know. When you are done experimenting, please let us know what you discover Saadan. Good luck.

Hi saadan, I will like to know more of this ai app and your proposal of a SMS gateway receiver and how you intend for it to work with online resources