Creating a paragraph with text block-also alignment

I have split a text -string using . as a method for splitting.It worked.However I want to split the generated text in two paragraphs with empty space between them and I can not do that.Any ideas?

Also I want to use left alignment-or better full alignment for my text and I can not do that.Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Assuming you are using a label to display your outputted text (htmlformat not ticked)
You can set the text alignment for a label in the designer: left-center-right. Unfortunately, there is no method for setting justified in a label - you would need to display the text in a webviewer and use html/css to achieve this.

Blocks, something like this:

blocks (13)


How to justify with webviewer

it is not a label text it is a button one however your ideas are helpful-changing lines from pargraph to another with \n and join line by line to create a paragraph-or at least i think so and i will tr it.Thanks so much for the quick answer

and something elese .i do not find an option for a 3 socket join text.just a two socket one.How can i create a 3 socket one ?


Use the same method for the join blockl

tell me another way for justifying the text rather than webviewer , I need to justify a 6-7 lines paragraph so that I dont have any URL for that , Is there any another way for the justifying text?

You can try this