Create pdf carent screen data

Hi dear,
I am create a apps for my employee bio- data from google sheet. I have need to send mail/Whatsapp/Bluetooth anyway for print Like as pdf or doc or other system. How can do this?

You can use this extension to send with whatsapp

@Faraz_Feroz not like this,

You can generate a report on google sheets, then download the report as a pdf and then send this, or better still just link to a view of the google sheet report?

@TIMAI2 anks for you suggest. But How can I do this?

Here is one way...


Thanks for your response.
I understand to your post for report google sheet. Its good. Its create pdf full sheet but I Have need single row full data. Why can I do this for single row.

The link I provided shows an example of how you might create a pdf from google sheet. Use this example to build or your version, or modify it to meet your requirements.

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Please tell me how I can do this for single row.

Please tell me how I can do this for single row.

Just create a report for a single row ?

How can do this?

  • Clear the reports sheet of all layout and formatting so that you have an empty sheet
  • Write your query that will return one result in cell A1