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Now this error is coming.

Show your blocks. If this image (...Images_7.jpg) was already created by another app, you cannot overwrite it (on Android 11+). You must delete it beforehand or better use another filename (e.g.: ...Images_7a.jpg).

Note: Companion and the APK are also different apps. So if you created this file with Companion before, you cannot overwrite it with the compiled app (APK).

Below are my blocks:

when exactly does this error occur?

some observations:

  • like this the Canvas.SaveAs method stores the file in the ASD... is this what you want? the path to the shared storge is missing there...

  • you are using the synchronous Move method, which means, the Moved event never will fire... that event only fires after using the MoveAsync method... see also the documentation...

. the ShareFile method might need a full apth (starting with file:///storage/emulated/0/Pictures/... ) or a relative path (starting with /Pictures/...)


Try to replace the underscore "_" with a minus "-" (here: ...KidsDibujoImages-...)
and use the move async block (as @Taifun mentioned) to trigger the TaifunFile.Moved event.

The TaifunSharing block looks fine (using an absolute path), but you can also use the Sharing component.

Where can I find "TaifunFile.Move"?

You can find the file extension here App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps


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I did everything @Anke @Taifun:

But now this thing is coming:

I tried this also then also the same thing is coming "Sorry, can't move a file to the assets."


Try this one:
CanvasSave_signature.aia (26.5 KB)

It saves the image (signature) directly to the Shared folder /Pictures/KidsImages/...


That means, so use a

  • full path or an
  • absolute path.

See also here.

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In this, a new diagram after saving remove the old diagram from the Gallery. But I want that both the diagrams will save in Gallery.


Did you try my aia?

Does it work for you?
I think so.

Yes, I tried your aia. It works for me.
In the app, when I create first signature on canvas then save it in gallery using Save Button and then again create a signature on canvas and after that when I use the Save Button then the old signature is replaced by the new signature. But I want that both the old and the new signatures will save in gallery. So please help me in this.
And thanks for your time and support.

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