Create markers with coords from cloudDB goes wrong

I am trying to make an app in which a map is displayed with markers on certain coords. It's possible to add/delete markers and to change the color of the markers by longclicking them from red to green and vice versa.
For the most part I am almost there,
but ** I am having troubles with creating the markers with data stored in my cloudDB**

this is the block, I have for now, that adds a tag (name of marker) with item (the item is a dictionary that contains the latitude, longitude, ...)
I know this part works (at least the global tag and the global item that i want to store keep all the information, I have checked this by displaying them in the app)
(in this img above, MAP is a button)
then I wanted when the taglist call was activated, it would iterate over all the tags in my CloudDB and create a marker for every tag, using the latitude and longitude that are stored in the item (dictionary)
but it gives me an error that it's not found.

I also tried to make it work by using the GetValue method,
but using this works neiter (i have tried both get tag and get value for in dictionary

anyone that can help me and tell me what I am doing wrong,
obviously, I am doing something wrong either while saving my dictionary in my CloudDB or while getting my values for my keys in the dictionary while extracting them from my CloudDB (or I am doing both wrong :grinning: )

Would be awesome if someone could tell me how I can get this thing fixed!

Welcome to the community.

Have you done this tutorial
How to broadcast a GPS location and share the information on a map with others in real time..CloudDB ?

What you need to do might be covered somewhere in the tutorial.

or perhaps this this example: Social Distancing ... a CloudDB / Location Marker Tutorial

I ll take a look at it, thanks !