Create composite image from many images?

Can images be created as a single photo, one under the other?

for example 3 x 3 and I use 9 photos. And not move and I want to save static photo

You could create a layout with nine image components, set the individual photos to each of the image components, then save the layout at an image:

or you could do something similar with a canvas and imageSprites

Thanks for offers. Do you have a sample for canvas app or image sprites. ?


I want to convert many photos into a single photo in 4 * 4 format, like in this picture.

I dont understand because it not have sample video or app.

Nest Horizontal Arrangements inside Vertical Arrangements, one image per Arrangement.

Well that image is 2*1 ?

You now want 16 images to be saved as one image ? (4*4)

Will all the images come from the same source (e.g. camera) and have the same aspect ratio ?

The number of images is variable. I found the sample photo on the internet. 3 * 3 is enough right now.

Yes, they should all be the same size and recorded in one photo. I will combine the photos I took into one photo. It will be square by square.

Now I can add photos to images with separate buttons and send them all to Google Drive at the same time. However, having them all in one photo as a collage will prevent confusion.

They call those Albums or Views, which are totally different.

See this:

imagegrid.aia (16.7 KB)

The images are in assets and preset in the imagesprites on the canvas. You would need to do more work to select your images and set them to the imagesprites.

Moving all this to a new topic

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