Create a CSV file and upload it on google drive

Hi, i'm a newbee so i'm sorry in advance if i can't compriend even the basic.

I have not tested it, but probably I sourted out the "create a csv file" now the big deal is to upload it on google drive, i have read this guide:, but i'm not good enough to borrow only part of the script that I need, also i can't compriend the WEB APP script thing, in a post I have read that you need to publish the app... totally lost!
Can someone help? thank you in advance. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

See here for uploading a file.

You may want to consider just uploading the data to a google sheet?


HI, thak you for the advice, I will try to follow the guide.
But before that I have another problem:

The SaveFile should save the file in the path "sdcard" because the fileName start with "/", but it doesn't work!, I tryed with emulator, app companion, and the apk, same problem.
As you can see down in the image the program create a path to save every file, so I should be able to put as file name "/CSV/" and it should work. When I test it with the path "/CSV/" it says that the path /storage/emulated/0/Android/data.../CSV could not be created, it's pointing the wrong path!, that I can't even see without a rooted phone.
Any idea?

Are you using an Android 11 device ?

FileTools is not fully compatible with Android 10 and higher versions, currently.

See also here:

Yes, on Android 11 this path is no longer visible on your device using the default FileManager.
Use Total Commander (app) or connect your device to your computer / notebook via USB and open this path from there.

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Yes, i'm using android 11, so I solved my problem utilizing "total commander" and only adding a new folder "CSV" in the normal files path.
Now everything works i'm starting the second part of the program, the upload to google drive.
I have many questions:

I'm pretty lost D: i'm sorry I know that i'm asking for much.
kind regards.

This are the updated block of my app

  • I don't know where to write the script for URL_WEBAPPSCRIPT
  • I don't know if I did well the mimetype part
  • I think i should put nothing in the design URL part of the Web1, unlike the img sent before
    Thank you guys so much for helping me, much appreciated.
    Kind regards.

You can see this video on youtube: How to use a CSV file stored in Google Drive by an App Inventor application - YouTube