Crash detection and eventually crash recovery

This works as explaination: I saw the max lenght for a Get is 2048 charachters, while the request is 3000 and beyond.
I'll switch back to a post method as it started.
Why doesn't it give just an error code and continue?

I could send you the .aia of the new project. Can you test it without connection(as I described in the first posts of this topic) if it crashes for you?


Logs should be similair to mine if it crashes. I have some other web/web app calls in my app as you can see, the one i'm complaining about is the only one that gives problems. I've tested all the other calls without connection, no one of them has the same crash event

It would have been nice to respect my terms and conditions ..

I now removed your project, which again contained one of my paid extensions ...


I am really sorry, this error is giving me so much problems I didn’t even thought about it.

I hope you’ll accept my apologies

By the way, my deadline is soon, so i’ve just applied a “Patch” to my project. I check if the connection is on by pinging to google url. I didn’t reach the core of the problem, but I’ve reduced possibility for it to happen.

I’ll just leave the community, I’m doing more damage than other.

ps. can I/you delete this topic? It won’t be useful to the community in any case

Not just yet, please. i ran out of time last night, would like a more detailed look at your project to figure out why it crashes. It shouldn't even if the image upload fails, so there is something going on we have missed so far...

How do you think to proceed?

Is your doPost(e) function all setup on your script ?

If I understood what you mean, yes.
The function doPost is working well in any case connection is not absent.

Not working here - error message: Script function not found: doPost

oh, i understand now

take this as your web app link


These blocks, from your aia, stripped back from the original, return File successfully uploaded when run in companion, and the app does not crash or close(although I do not see the file in your folder....)


The files are in their place. The crashing event happens if connection isn't active
Basically when I get the error 1103(post function failed due to connection error), it crashes

Then test wifi/data connection before taking a picture....

It's the solution i've gone for, that i described here:

It "fixed" the crashes(if connection doesn't go off while the upload is being done)
It didn't reach the core of the problem, but it made it very rare at least

which is ?

Which is that if connection crashes while the request is being processed, it still crashes as soon as it gets the error 1103. And I think that is not normal, since all the other web procedures just reports the error to the user and the app continues its elaboration.

You would need to test network connectivity for all your web calls / image takes before they happen

You would need to handle any errors using the error blocks provided with the web component or the Screen component

I added the Screen ErrorOccured component: it should write the error in a label. While all the other web calls does what is expected from the handler, this single call after the error is reported by the system makes the app unresponsive(and crashing) and nothing is written in the designed label

You would handle it here:


before further processing

I did it too, nothing new