Conversione stringa (String conversion)

It's not clear to italian exactly where does it go? Can you redo this block part? Thank you

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.

As an experiment, I converted your sunrise and sunset values into Instants then formatted the Instants to make them readable.
They came out to a minute apart, for a very short day.
Assuming you don't live at one of Earth's poles in seasonal Artic night,
I took a Do It of Clock1.SystemTime to compare against the sunrise and sunset time values.

Notice how the SystemTime starts with the same digits 169 as your numbers, but is three digits longer. (Count them yourself, my eyes are not that good.)

So I am betting the sunrise and sunset values are in seconds instead of milliseconds, and need to be multiplied by 1000 before comparing them against Clock1.SystemTime.

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Good morning. I have set up two labels to display the dawn (sunrise) and the sunset (sunset) of the chosen place. I have added an image of the sunset (skystellato.jfif) to be displayed at sunset. When there is dawn the sunset image does not appear. Thanks for everything
MyMeteo.aia (127.6 KB)

Do you have any news ?

I whipped up a nice roulette simulation for this hard working student:

maybe you have the wrong shipment for roulet_game .... I was waiting for news on sunrise and sunset for the Mymeteo.aia app

This is how to fit in the call to translate descriptions from English to Italian.

Are you sure .jfif is an image format supported by AI2?

I have never seen that format before.

What do the AI2 Image docs say?

sky stellato

I can't find in your code the place where you extract the sunrise and sunset from the JSON.

there are 2 labels with the image of sunrise and sunset alongside

Here is code for you to try, where Web1 returns ...

Hello, I can't create the piece enclosed in the red oval. I understand that it is a multiplication by 1000. You can send the Mymeteo.aia file
Thank you

To switch a block to that shape, right click it and select exterior sockets.

Also, my posted block images should be draggable in your browser.

honestly I do not understand ... exactly where I have to click with the right button

Show us what you see on the screen when you right click on the * block.

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A customer complains to a baker,
That raisin bread you sold me had a fly in it!
The baker:
Okay, bring me the fly and I will give you a raisin.

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