Connection problem HM10/App Inventor

Hi everyone!

I have a BLE connection problem between my HM10 module and an app created via the inventor app.

The HM10 module can work as BEACON, which is for the use that I need it for. When I scan it through an android app designed for it, it locates the device and connects me without problem.

When I scan it with an app created by app inventor the device is located but when I go to connect to it the application closes instantly. Why is this due?

Thank you.!

To beacon try this extension:

Here examples of HM-10:

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Thank you so much.
The problem was that it did not have the KIO4 extension.!


What extension?
The beacon extension is of @Piero_Della_Romanesc

Sorry I'm new here.
I found the solution of my problem in this post:

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