Connecting through Bluetooth BLE

The logic comparison does work on strings, though I suppose it is technically correct.
I did solve the issue though. When I initialized the global parameter, I used all upper case letters and the characteristic UUID returned by the function is in all lower case letters. I believe I saw this in a different thread somewhere and didn't think it applied to my case for some reason.

....had you used the text compare in the same format as you used Logic, that difference would have been flagged.

To avoid the issue with any external device, simply use the Text Block 'upcase' on both characteristics in the compare:


I'm not sure what you mean the difference would have been flagged. How would it be flagged? I didn't see a warning or anything pop up, it just followed the comparison and the two strings weren't the same since one had upper and one lower.
I have switched the code to use all lower case in my gloabal declarations and included "downcase" before each characteristic get call.

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