Connecting App to Website

Hi, new to app inventor and very excited.

My goal is to host a webpage, where a user can write data to a cloud database. My app inventor app will then be notified that a data update has occurred, and take action on that data. It will then use bluetooth to command a robot based on that data, but that's out of scope for my question.

How can I / should I setup the cloud database and webpage? Should I use Cloud DB, Firebase, or TinyWebDB?

I followed the instructions on creating a custom TinyWebDB service, that accomplishes the cloud database and webpage functionality, but TinyWebDB does not have a .DataChanged method (or equivalent) which I desire.

Is it possible to add .DataChanged to TinyWebDB?
Is it possible to create webpages that can post to the storage offered by Cloud DB or Firebase for App Inventor (aka MIT's account)?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

You could probably run a php based tinyWebDB service, on your own server, then use a long polling process to return data to the app.



Hi, I walked through all the instructions provided, and it appears to be working!

Thank you so much.