Connect smartphone camera and tablet


I want to build a ROV with an old Android smartphone whose camera I use. Can I now use my tablet as a monitor via Bluetooth, My rov gives a cable of 15 meters max for the controller with switches. Can someone please help me? The intention is to record videos along the rivers So I want a Mit app inventor program that sends the camera from my smartphone to the tablet via the internal Bluetooth

This example possibly does part of what you hope to do

I know, I have already built it and it works well, but now I only need the camera from one smartphone to monitor to my tablet via Bluetooth , who knows a solution for that? . Thanks in advance

Others have asked similar questions. Discussions in the community don't seem to provide any solutions other than to use an Arduino with the smartphone. Search results for 'bluetooth send image' - MIT App Inventor Community

Possibly use Nearby Share? I don't know whether this is possible using code Uses WIFI, not Bluetooth.

Discussions about using Android Studio to transfer images between two devices.