Compiler Error for first time!

Why this happens ?
It is for the first time, this error coming. Anyone can help me?

What is the size in kb or MB of your app?

The apk is 6.8 MB
Aia is 4.74 MB

I really don't understand your error.
If the files are < 10 MB it should be ok

Hello Jayakrishnan

The compiler has very nearly completed the compile and hasn't reported a specific fault unfortunately.

  1. What was the last thing you did in the Project - Components and or Blocks?
  2. Does the App run in the Companion?
  3. Make a backup to your PC (everyone should do this regularly)

Here is my checklist:

Thank you.
My friend says the even small apps also giving the same error. I think some problem with MIT App Inventor Server

  1. I add two components and a few logic related to that.
  2. It worked well in companion
  3. Done that
    But I compiled the file before, but it done successfully. My friend said even the small app showing this error.
    I think any problem with Server?
    Thank you ChrisWard

Can you tell us what components? We are using a newly released App Inventor so the issue could be something in your Project but also it could be a new bug in App Inventor.

Certainly go through my check list carefully. Things like optimising images for Android are very important.

I added a text box, label.
Ok I will go through.
Did you feel any problem like this?
The update was not today, right?

I have not seen a new problem with either but it's early days.

BTW, The update wasn't today, right?

It was, depending which country you are in - updated around 16:00 USA time for the Massachusetts time region.

Inoltre con la nuova release, la grandezza massima arriva fino a 30 MB.

BTW, the problem is vanished when an extension called "Taifun Notification" Removed. But early there were no problem.
Thank you everyone for help.
BTW, which is the best extension to produce pop up notifications/ status bar notifications? And run the app in background?

from the FAQ

PS: for new questions please start a new thread next time. thank you.

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Thank you. It is a great help. I hope it support to the new update of MIT app Inventor

It should work if the aia < 30 MB
→ see release notes (nb184):
"Increase build limit for apps to 30 MB"