Cloudinary: An extension to upload files to Cloudinary

How to retrieve the images stored to cloudinary via this extension

The gotResponse event provides the url when you upload an item to cloudinary. This has to be stored in the app, then use the web component to fetch the file.

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If I change the upload options in the extension, will the upload presets from the Cloudinary website be overwritten or applied again?

Do you want to update metadata?

No I want to upload images/videos to cloundinary with compression and crop it automatically. I used the upload presets you can set up in the Settings on Cloudinary. But if I change the upload Options on Upload with your Extensions would it change it twice or only once with your Extensions Options?

I want delete a image from my cloudinary, but I don´t have the public Id.
Can anyone say to me, how I can build the public Id?

Are you using this extension?

Yes I use this extension

What response did you get from GotResponse event?

The response is "

I ask of the field with the "???"

What I must write in this? The image paht?

Please check what extension you are actually using.
Because GotResponse event returns a dictionary and public id key-value is included in that.
If you aren't sure where you are doing wrong then you should show your blocks.Also print response on a label.

Okay Thanks for the answere.I am looking for

I use kodular blocks and at the moment I do not can download the image from the cloudinary.
What can I do?

Thanks for your attention and your help. The programm is going!:grinning::muscle:
Your extention is very good without them my App would not work!
Thank you @vknow360

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Can i upload voice messages with this extention?
And if it going what I need for an File-path ?
I use the "Sound recorder" and I have an soud-path can I use them ?

Here are my blocks.
Can you help me?

But what exactly your problem is?
Did you check the sample aia?

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Yes I have.
If I want to upload a sound then crash my app.
Can you help me, I want to upload a voice message.

Try setting uploadOptions to an empty dictionary.