Clicking Map vs Clicking Marker

My need is to distinguish 3 user interactions with map:

  1. Toggle marker description balloon - preferably taping Marker (or it's description baloon if open to close it)
  2. Store marker's data (do some action) of chosen marker - preferably LongClick on marker
  3. Fetch external data for chosen/tapped point on the map (Lat,Lon) - preferably doubleTap (this I do now) or e.g. placing extra marker and then e.g. button.Click.

The problem is single tap on marker fires all 3 events: Map.TapAtPoint, Map.DoubleTapAtPoint, Marker.Click.

My current UGLY workaround is I use Map.DoubleTapAtPoint for 3 and Marker.LongClick for both 1&2 but it is UGLY UX as it also fils-in data for (2) when user wanted just (1) and now she/he has to delete data from field populated by (2)...

Any ideas?

regards, Kuba

Without sharing your Blocks we really do not understand your issue Kuba. Post your Blocks and the aia or an example aia that demonstrates what you think is not working correctly.

You do have several methods of eliciting response from the Map and its Markers.

The problem could be how you code; the lag in the OpenStreetMap server ; the Android model and the sensitivity of your device screen or an issue with the version of the OSM . MIT currently does not use the latest api. The actual map from OSM elicits a 'racing' condition related to tile selection/and its desire to attempt to update the tiles
that has been known for several years that could be a contributing factor as could your WIFI or data connection speed.

I don't think so in my experience. I would like to see an example please to see what you are talking about.

Other ideas? Use the Google Map Static Map api instead of the Map component until MIT can find time to update the Map component to the latest OSM software or use your work arounds. You have several ideas. Another way to elicit responses from Markers and the Map is to use a Button that is not on the map to provide information about the 'bubble' and or location. :slight_smile: Are you using design time Markers or run time Markers ..developers work with them a little differently.

Dear @SteveJG
Thanks for all prompt reply.
I'll do the button workaround while waiting for map component upgrade.
Meanwhile: how shall the NotAleadyHandled parameter of when any Marker.Click event ?

possibly something like this code (for a Button.Click) notAlreadyHandled Example. Keypad The code for when any Marker.Click should be similar. Also, if I remember the code might depend on whether the Marker is design time instantiated or run time.

I do that often to elicit a query to the Map and Marker frequently. It works. :astonished: