Click event on a Button created with DynamicComponents

yeah, that's sth i plan to do.
. Thanks.

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all functions in full version of dynamic component extension can be done by this DCLite + Any component blocks + List/Dictionary.

And what a pity MIT/ Kodular dos not implement the PR of Anonymous procedure, which can be used to add a click (or other) event to one specific component dynamicly when creating it.

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Thanks to all who have helped provide an answer to this question.
Once again, thank you so much.
But sorry, all of these answers do not match the intent of my question.
I have studied some of the examples given here using various extensions and block code samples finally I found the answer according to what I wanted by trying to combine blocks according to what I wanted.
This is the result.
Thank you so much for everything.



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If this is so, how do I set the text alignment property of a label/textbox, using DCLite ? :wink:

yes i found that some properties are missing in any Component. in fact i have updated this extension and will upload here later.

Sounds great :slight_smile:

but why MIT do not implement these missing properties?

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Thank you for the good intentions, it will be very helpful to develop our application. Thank You @Kevinkun and @TIMAI2