Circular slider procedure (without sprites)

I'm glad you can see the potential in the canvas. Some things might be a little slow but there's a lot that can be done in it with just a little work. Thanks for your contributions.

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Wow, that looks COOL

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Style from the Blynk app.


@Italo Thanks for this cool slider. and for the blocks. I learned a lot just from figuring out how it worked. And @Patryk_F, thanks for the mod'd version. These will be very useful in implementing in my apps. :+1:


hello Italo, how can i please set the Min value to something more than 0? for example 16

Using this example

Set the Slider_Value Thumb Position to 16

Is that what you wanted ?

Here also another simple example
circProgressCanvas1.aia (2.7 KB)

Thank you for your reply !
yes that's what I meant but for the full circle Model.
I want it to start from 16 and end at max value then wraps to 16 again

Try this

CircularSlider_NoSprites_AI2_16.aia (12.1 KB)

it doesn't wrap.

Thank you so much !