Check if the link is active, if not, go to the next one

Thanks for the quick response.
But how would I do that? I don't know which blocks to use.

It was not an app error. This is a Google Sheets issue. I contacted, but I was unsuccessful in support.

Add a Notifier to show the 4 values in the event, so you can respond accordingly.

and you couldn't even open the sheet through Drive ?

Excuse me. I'm a beginner. I really appreciate the help, but I still don't quite understand what needs to be done. Could you explain in more detail?

So I don't use the Web component and If, Else. I didn't understand how to use Notifier to show the 4 values in the event.

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I did not make it. This is the message that appears on the drive:

The file could not be opened. Try to refresh the page.

It's been like this for days. Other drive links open. But not on this spreadsheet. The link is shared to the public. No changes were made. It just stopped working.

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Care to share the link, that way we can check it not "you"....

Yes of course. The end of the URL has been changed to convert to CSV. It had been running for 6 months and then stopped. The link in the app is this.

The original link, with no changes to CSV, is this:

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I got a Google error trying to use that URL.

I tried clipping off the gviz stuff at the end, to see if that helped. No.

Try another way to get to the spreadsheet, by navigating your Google Drive folders from your Google Drive folder root in your web browser. Maybe the sheet has moved?

No response here either - console says error code 512 (which is unassigned according to http codes listing) - must be a special google thing.

Any way to contact the owner ?

What are these other spreadsheets, do they have the same (updating) data ?

I can download the spreadsheet to the drive and use it. I am the owner of the spreadsheet. But the shared link inside the app has stopped working, and this is the problem. And google says to hope it can work again. But I've seen people with this problem in the Google community a year ago and haven't come back. So I need to update the app with a new spreadsheet link that will have access to the information through the app again.
But I wouldn't want to risk the new link stop working again. So I would like to put several links in the app, so that if the first one stops working (as it happened with this one), look for the information in the next link.
In the other links there would be only copies of the same spreadsheet.

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OK, let us work on your idea of checking spreadsheets.....

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Something like this should work for you

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@Welison_Dias next time please first choose the builder you like to use and then ask only in the corresponding community… thank you
the builders get more and more different and an answer in one community might not be the correct answer for the other community
also you are wasting other people’s time… you don’t want that, do you?


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Excuse me. It was not my intention to offend. Please do not close the topic. The app has stopped working and I urgently need to fix the problem. In desperation I asked on both forums to get the answer right away. I didn't know it was a big problem. It will not be repeated.

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A more complete example

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Thank you very, very much! It was this logic that I needed !!!!!!
To finish now, just one more thing is missing. I need to put the tested link that is active in the "initialize global" component. The current logic of my app is to do the search on the link that is in this variable.
How do I feed this variable with the active link that returns from Web1?

I tried it that way, but I couldn't.
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You will see in my blocks that when a working url is found in Web1 it is set to the url of Web2 and called.
You can set the url to your variable at the same place.

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It worked!!!
Thank you! He had already spent so many hours trying to resolve it. And it finally worked!
I don't even know how to thank you! Thank you very, very much!

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