Chat app message style

Thanks for taking your time but, I actually want an extention to give me chat app's listview a better look other than the normal style
Like this :point_up_2:

feel free to do a search yourself in the extensions directory


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This can help you:

:+1:I will try it. let me check if it works well

How to extract extension from the aia file

It didnt open

What do you want to extract?

What did not open?

aia file didnt open

  1. open file with winrar

But why do you want to open aia?
Get the extension from Kodular Community.

i cant find the extention.Only aia and apk.If you found pls send


Just search for dynamic components in Kodular Community or Google it.
I did that for you this time:

It is the highest active topic with over 1k+ replies

Thanks, I didn't test it yet

I actually dont know what dynamic extention is. Can you explain

These are the errors I am getting

Kodular and AI2 are different.

Ok,so is there any chat view suitable for mit app inventor

The error is because of space view component which is available in Kodular but not in AI2.
So if you want to work on that AIA then you will have to load that AIA in Kodular and make compatible with AI2.

Can you seperate the extention and send it in this form.So then the extention will work?